What is support?

The kind of support we are discussing here is in the realms of tough love support. The world that I live in is inhabited by people who want to change, grow, develop and experience more. People who are striving to change living in a state of “change”. As you no doubt know, change is tough. Not only does it require that you develop new behaviours, skills, habits and routines. It also means that you have to battle with the inertia, laziness and your primal brain which is wired to stop you doing anything new and potentially dangerous.

Step one then is to decide what it is that you want to do, achieve or change.
Step two is where you break that down into manageable steps.
Step three is where you commit to taking regular action (daily is best where possible).
Step four is where you ask for support.

Support in this context is enrolling someone to make sure you keep your word… that you actually took the regular (daily) actions that you said that you would. The way this plays out is… They ask you, “Did you do (whatever it is you have said you will do)?” and you say, “yes or no”. This sounds brainless doesn’t it? But the reality is that you will let yourself down over and over again, but and it’s a big but, you are much less likely to ‘let down’ someone who is giving their precious time to support you. So just by having someone provide this service for you, you are much more likely to achieve the outcome that you claim you want.

There is a great deal more to this than meets the eye. There’s a discussion to be had about your ego, self sabotage, lying to yourself, lying to others, fear of failure, fear of success, setting up achievable and congruent goals, linking purpose, direction and actions together and so on. Most of that also comes under mindset but it also deserves to be included here because with out it giving and receiving this kind of support will be no more powerful than the support your cake loving bestie will give you when you are trying to nail a diet!

For now though this is a primer to explain what this kind of support looks like.


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