Everyone wants a hack

These days it seems that everyone wants a hack, to develop a new set of skills or an advantage so that they can get somewhere. My daughter is on a 30-day challenge, my wife is in a readers group with weekly projects, my colleague is on a 5-day asset sprint and I’m intermittent fasting. We’re all up skilling and learning from gurus in order to be somehow different ultimately in the name of being happy.

The problem with working more to be happy is that it’s like going to war for peace, the means do not necessarily achieve the ends. Happiness is a state of mind which is not guaranteed to come about from doing more. When “this happens” Then “I will be happy” is a trap. It’s a carrot that keeps the donkey walking forward. Well known and well used by all marketers. Once you have these new shoes, watch, phone, lip gloss, breasts, breakfast cereals… you get the picture.

So if we don’t get to be happier by doing how do we become happier?  Great question.

The answer is twofold, the first step is to look inside and discover what has made us happy, grateful, breathless, feel deep love, joy or in the zone before. The second step is to undo and remove the things that have contributed to our unhappiness.

Oh it sounds so simple. A formula at last and it’s only two steps and I can quickly do both only it’s not simple… and you can’t.


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